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I sincerely apologise for the lack of activity around 103 Records so far this year, and doubly so for the lack of new music; I've been battling an especially bad bout of depression these last couple of months, which has made working on new music difficult. I thank you for sticking around and staying patient, and I promise to keep working hard on recovery (and cracking on with all the projects I promised would come out this year).

In the meantime, here's a little holdover treat for you. I've mentioned before that I used to post on a forum dedicated to users of the programs in Codemasters and Jester Interactive's "Music" series, called the International Music Generator User's Lounge (or TIMGUL for short). After a couple of years of tech problems and a little drama, the site went Read Only in 2012 and went down entirely not long after, taking all the music posted there with it. I was reasonably confident some of the material I posted to the site was never available anywhere else, and thus couldn't source them when working on things like Long Forgotten Leftovers or the MOTHER collection.

Well, it came to my attention recently that the original owner of the TIMGUL forums, DJ Omnimaga, had opened up an archived version of the site- or what of it could be recovered- including the music directly attatched to posts. After doing a bit of digging, I recovered the eight pieces of music you see here. I was hoping to find more, but alas, past!me opted to host a lot of work through a long-lost YouTube channel or dead ZippyShare links, so. Rather then ammending already-released albums with some of the material, I opted to release all eight pieces as a mini compilation.

Almost all the songs here were edited down from their original lengths, similarly to a number of songs on the MOTHER Collection, for the sake of brevity. This makes them the "definitive" versions of the songs in my book. They're definitely rough around the edges, but like all my old work, I have a soft spot for them- Track 8 especially is one I'm very happy to have access to again.

I hope you enjoy this little treat, and that you continue to support 103 Records during this rough period~!


released May 2, 2017

all music composed by Decon Theed (except track 7, which is based on melodies written by Junichi Masuda)

cover photo taken and manipulated by Decon Theed





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